Logo print area

1. Smart "LED" Book Light

Tiny, focussed light, lights your book without disturbing others.

Available in a range of colours.

Logo branding print on

lamp housing.

2. "Sleep" Masks & Ear Defenders

The essential for long haul flights if

you want to enjoy some rest. Light

and comfortable to wear the mask

also has a pouch for two soft foam

Ear Defenders to help you cope

with noise and changes in air

pressure. Mask available in a range

materials and colours. Logo branding, embroidery or print.


3. Inflatable “Travel" Pillows

A vital accessory for air, car and bus

travel. They are contoured for comfort

to support your neck and head. The

pillows inflate to save valuable space

and weight. They are available in a

range of colours with soft flock finish

for extra warmth and comfort.

Logo branding print.

4. "Travel" Sewing Kit

"Be Prepared" the scout motto is

good advice and carrying out

sewing repairs helps fill the time. Available in a range of colours.

Logo branding, print on lid.


Corporate "In-flight" Cabin Essentials

 can be supplied separately or

together in a clear see-through

pouch/ bag.