Text Box: Eco-USB Flash Drives
Supplied with natural wood cases from
sustainable managed sources.
Capacity : From 128Mb to 8Gb
Features : USB Flash Memory Drives.
Hot plug and play Drive. High Performance.
Size Approx : Various.
Colour Options : Natural Lt. Wood. 
Version : USB Version 2.0.
Data transfer rate up to 33Mb/ps for Read,
22Mb/ps for Write in Dual-channel mode
Data transfer rate up to 20Mb/ps for Read,
9Mb/ps for Write in Single-channel mode.  
Operating Systems :
No external driver needed for
Windows ME, Windows 2000,
Windows XP, Mac 9.x or later,
Linux Kernel 2.4 or later.
Only Windows 98 and Windows 98SE
need a separate disc driver.
10 years data retention. 
Specifications : May change without 
  prior notice.

Text Box: Eco-USB Flash Drives with Natural Wood Cases

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