Text Box: Eco-friendly Bags
The future for Corporate Bags
is to use sustainable, recycled
or recycle-able fabrics.
BDA London is proud to offer
fine quality Eco-friendly Bags.
superbly designed and 
produced to your corporate 
BDA London produce bags in
Non Woven (Polypropylene), 
Cotton and Jute.  They are 
strong, extremely durable and make superb corporate bags
for events & conferences.  
BDA London’s Eco-friendly Bags! a “greener” alternative 
to plastic corporate bags.
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Text Box: 40 x 25.5 cms

Text Box: 22.2 x 11.5 cms

Text Box: 42 x 39 x 15 cms

Text Box: 34 x 22 cms

Text Box: 34 x 36 x 12 cms

Text Box: 01.

Text Box: 02.

Text Box: 42 x 42 cms

Text Box: 03.

Text Box: 29 x 36 x 12 cms

Text Box: 50 x 29 cms

Text Box: 05.

Text Box: 06.

Text Box: 07.

Text Box: 09.

Text Box: 39 x35 cms

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Text Box: Non Woven Eco-Bags
This fabric can be 
Pantone matched. 
Ideal for complex 
multi-colour printing.
»Contact BDA for full 
details and prices.

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Text Box: Cotton/Jute Eco-Bags
These fabrics can be 
Pantone matched. 
Ideal for bold,
simple print designs.
»Contact BDA for full 
details and prices.

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