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Corporate Kites
Corporate Kites
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It’s just pure fun!”



The Meteor Kite has

excellent branding

potential, with a

large print area

on the Kite.



Kite size (90 x 45 cm) Material: Polyester.  

Struts: Carbon Fibre. Ages : Children*/Adult.


Due to the rigid design and single line

control, this Kite is easy to assemble

and fly. The perfect Kite for all to

         enjoy, from busy CEO’s, Conference

            Delegates, Staff and Colleagues

                 to your own family members.


                            Fabric can be selected

                                 from a range of

                                      standard colours.

Packing options :

Nylon case with carry



Clear Plastic pouch with

Velcro closure.


Or, simple Cellophane



Rigid Carbon fibre

struts, single line

Kite. Includes Kite

and Reel.



Easy to fly, just requires

a light breeze. Suitable for

*Children (from 10 yrs up)

and Adults.


BDA London :

Contact us for all details & prices

Tel: +44(0)208 444 8934



*Specifications subject to change without notice.