Rigid Carbon fibre

struts, dual line

control. Includes

Kite and two hand Reels.



Easy to launch and fly.

Aerobatic skills quickly

learnt. Light to steady breeze.

Suitable for Adults.


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Corporate Kites
Corporate Kites

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“Fly like the Red Arrows”

Be inspired, visit the Royal Air Force’s

world famous aerobatic display team -

The RED Arrows at their official website



Kite sizes (120 x 55 cm) or  (345 x 125 cm)

Material: Polyester or Nylon.   Struts: Carbon Fibre.

Ages : Adult.

This Kite is great fun to fly and rewards

a few minutes learning to master the

dual controls.  Try flying in formation,

with colleagues for some truly

spectacular aerobatics.  

Fabric can be selected from

a range of standard colours.

The Hawk Aerobatic Kite has excellent branding potential,

with a large print area on the Kite.

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