Many great writers have benefitted from having a great illustrator.  For example, Lewis Carroll's illustrator was Sir John Tenniel, Rupert Bear was illustrated by Alfred Bestall and more recently Roald Dahl's illustrator was Quentin Blake.

Eelco Martinus ten Harmsen van der Beek was chosen to illustrate Noddy. With Beek's deft and charming artwork to accompany Enid Blyton's text, Noddy quickly became one of  our most popular and enduring childrens characters.

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In celebrating the creative and prolific talents of Enid Blyton, we remember that she was a child of her time. Which at the height of her popularity was during post world war II, austerity Britain. 

She was a pied-piper author inspiring generations of children to read. She had an effect on childrens imaginations not unlike that of JK Rowling today. Her critics were voluble and harsh, often condemning her books as "middle-class" and "dull!"

Young readers disagreed and Enid Byton became hugely successful.  She was perhaps, the UK's  Walt Disney, complete with iconic signature. For more info, visit the Enid Blyton Society(



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BDA London's studio acknowledge the wonderful creative partnership of Enid Blyton and van der Beek, by producing this original and new CGI designed and graphics engineered version of the iconic Noddy book endpapers.


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