Text Box: BDA design and produce superb E-Marketing Communications.
Imagine sending your own corporate E-Marketing messages direct 
from your desktop to your clients and contacts.  When you 
want and as frequently as you choose. 
It’s so simple.  BDA provides a full creative support 
service, building E-Marketing messages that really
get the point across fast and e-fficiently.
It’s so powerful. There is no limit to E-Marketing. For example, you
may want to update clients with new product or service developments....
                  or, invite clients to visit a particular section of your website.

Text Box:                                           Company products and
                                          services are far better showcased using E-Marketing methods than using
conventional print media.  At a fraction of the cost!
Why not find out how our E-Marketing can save you time and money - it won’t cost a penny to find out
either but could make a real difference to your 
marketing punch.  Contact BDA for your FREE
no obligation quote.

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Text Box: Or, contact one of our experienced 
corporate designers on Tel:  020 8444 8934

Text Box: Hi Chris
Great visit to your offices the other day and we look forward to working together with 
you and your team for the year ahead.   All the best Sarah.

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