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Text Box: »USB Mug & Cup Warmer 
Warming temperature range 40°- 60° C.  
Easy install, true Plug and Play device.  
Red LED On / Off button.  
Plastic / Metal with matt 
Silver finish.

Text Box: USB Mug* Warmer
50  / 100  / 250
*Mug supplied 

Text Box: »Insulated Stainless Steel Mug 
Keep Tea and Coffee warm in this elegant 
double wall Stainless Steel Mug.  Ideal for use 
with our Mug & Cup Warmer.

Text Box: Stainless Steel Mug
50  /  100  /  250

Text Box: »Car Insulated Mug 
Double wall Stainless Steel Mug 
with Plastic Lid.  Complete with 
12V adaptor for use with car 
cigarette lighter.
Car Mug 50 / 100 /  250

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